Welcome to Bike Fit Solutions- “My extensive set of tools support what I do, but will never make my decisions for me.”

What is a“Bike Fit” ?

A session established to synchronize a rider with his/her bicycle to achieve the most comfortable, efficient, powerful and safe riding position possible.

Why use Bike Fit Solutions ?

Continual study of 10 different Bike Fit Protocols

30 years experience in the bicycle industry

Over 6000 successful clients - No 2 the same

3 Locations with Premium Mobile Service

90 Days Free Follow Up

What Services are offered ?

Bike Fitting, Sizing for “New Bike”, Cleat alignment, Custom bicycles,

Spin Analysis, Industry Consultation, Seat Demo Program, Mobile/In home/Office

I have dedicated the last 17 years to attend over 35 bike fit workshops and mirror the protocols of many of North America’s best bicycle fitters – Ray Browning, Paul Swift, Dan Empfield, John Cobb, Todd Carver, Michael Sylvester, and Paraic McGlynn. With over 6000 successful clients, I use a combination of theories, rather than adapting one single protocol.  I will continue to attend the latest fitting symposiums to contribute and explore the newest technology and trends. Also, I am proud to have built relationships with many bicycle companies I can contact for support and advice.  Furthermore, an attention to detail with the delivery of over 500 custom bicycles.

“If “You” are my client, You become the center of my attention and will be respected for your unique body, lifestyle and needs.”

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