I have dedicated the last 12 years to attend over 25 bike fit workshops and mirror the protocols of many of North America’s best bicycle fitters – Ray Browning, Paul Swift, Dan Empfield, John Cobb, Todd Carver, Michael Sylvester and most recently Paraic McGlynn. With over 4000 successful clients, I use a combination of theories, rather than adapting one single protocol.  I will continue to attend the latest fitting symposiums to contribute and explore the newest technology and trends. 

After 30 years working in the bicycle industry, I am proud to have built relationships with many bicycle companies I can contact for support and advice.  Furthermore, an attention to detail with the delivery of over 400 custom bicycles.

In younger years, I was a competitive cyclist, duathlete, randonneur and have toured thousands of kilometers. As a founding member of Ride2Survive and Team Coastal Cycling Club, I continue to support our local cyclists.


Introducing Domenik Adamoski ! He is a local 18 year old cyclist whom Bike Fit Solutions is sponsoring. This year Domenik will ride with Catalyst Kinetics Race Team and invite you to stay tuned for more updates. Please credit Tammy Brimner from TLBVelo for photos.